Chief Nursing Officer
A Nursing Executive opportunity to drive clinical outcomes and quality of a successful and growth-orientated independent, rural health hospital in Northern MN. As a valued member of the Senior Leadership Team you will ensure best practice and optimal patient care and safety while engaging team members and the community.

Responsible for planning, organizing and directing the overall operations of Nursing & Patient Care Services. Maintains performance improvement activities within the department and participates in CQI activities. Assures competency of all nursing personnel. Assists in formulating the budget and maintains efficient and effective departmental operations while required compliance with all state, federal, and local regulations laws, standards, and protocols.

Direct Reports: Director of Emergency Department, Director of Hospital Nursing Services, Director of Therapy & Wellness, Director of Imaging Services, Director of Hospital Pharmacy, Director of Surgery, Outpatient Infusion, Cardiac Rehab, Clinical Informatics







Registered Nurse




One of the following: FACHE, CNML, CENP





Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or related field.

Master’s degree in Nursing or related field preferred.

Core Leadership Skills & Abilities

  • Effective computational skills with ability to identify problems, reason numerically and solve problems.
  • Ability to analyze data, research information and propose solutions or work process improvements using creativity, reasoning, past experience and available resources.
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and juggle multiple concurrent projects within allotted timeframe. Effective listening, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to recognize decisions that are outside the scope of the position and need to consult with supervisor.
  • Ability to make independent decisions after situation analysis, alternative identification, and risk/benefit analysis. Ability to manage self and produce results independently and as a member of a team.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills demonstrating professionalism, relating well to others, and building relationship while being sensitive to and aware of diversity issues.
  • Effective planning and organization skills along with a high degree of detail orientation.
  • Ability to establish and achieve effective goals independently and in group settings.
  • Effective leadership and coaching skills to obtain high levels of performance from employees.
  • Resourceful and effective negotiating and problem-solving skills to resolve complaints, deal with stressful situations and address undesirable behavior in others.
  • Ability to interact with patients, managers, staff, physicians and employers.
  • Ability to develop positive interactions with employees, staff, patients, providers, employers and other internal and external customers.
  • Ability to be flexible.
  • Ability to maintain confidential information.




Minimum of three to five years’ experience in patient care services management required.

5 years’ experience in healthcare management at the executive level - Prior CNO experience. CAH experience.





Integrity & Respect

  • Only discuss confidential or sensitive information about a patient, employee, or RLMC business with those on a need-to-know basis in a private manner, and with a respectful tone.
  • Respect the privacy and dignity of all our patients.
  • Acknowledge, introduce, and connect with others by smiling, making eye contact and use welcoming words.
  • Assist people in finding their way, &/or escort them to their destination.
  • Show respect for the opinions of coworkers and communicate in a professional manner.
  • Reduce safety hazards by immediately reporting all errors, near misses, incidents and accidents.
  • Protect myself and others by wearing protective clothing when appropriate, keeping work areas clean, and washing hands before and after patient contact.


  • Adhere to the highest ethical standards and compliance with the laws and rules and regulation that govern the healthcare industry.
  • Listen carefully without interruption, giving others my full attention; and provide feedback when appropriate.
  • Communicate to families in a timely manner while a patient undergoes a procedure or treatment, explain delays, and thank them for waiting.
  • End each encounter with a warm and positive comment and thank them for choosing RLMC.
  • Go above and beyond ordinary care by promptly acknowledging call lights.
  • Be sensitive to the diversity and preferences of identification and lifestyle of all patients.

Excellence through Teamwork

  • Maintain a positive image by taking pride in RLMC, accept responsibilities, adhere to policies & procedures, and follow the Mission, Vision, and Values of RLMC.
  • Professionally perform my work with integrity, honesty, diligence and skill.
  • Be a good team player by being open and honest with fellow employees and treat them with courtesy and respect.
  • Demonstrate positivity and cooperate with one another by including affected parties when making decisions.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and build up the team by learning from failures and have a desire for ongoing improvement of systems.







  1. Provides leadership in evaluating departmental goals that are compatible with the overall plans of the organization.
  2. Serves as a role model to actualize the Mission and Goals of the organization.
  3. Provides leadership in developing division-wide programs, policies and procedures, and the evaluation of their effectiveness.
  4. Keeps current with changes in public, legislative, and social policies which impact Nursing Services and provides analysis and recommendations to the CEO on policy provisions.
  5. Guides annual goal setting as well as the development, implementation, and monitoring of a plan for his/her departments which reflects the organizations current and anticipated strategic priorities.


  1. Supports and develops Nursing/Patient Care Services in the coordination of the employee selection process, work

assignments, performance evaluations, and staff development for these services.

  1. As a member of the administrative leadership team, actively promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to all aspects of healthcare delivery.
  2. Provides staff with growth and development opportunities and helps staff recognize the barriers to growth and development.
  3. Recommends, supports, and participates in education services, programs of education, and training, including orientation of

new employees. Encourages and facilitates the professional advancement of employees by affording opportunities for further education and experience

  1. Recognizes and uses the ideas of staff and shares appropriate information readily with staff.
  2. Approaches staff about sensitive issues in non-threatening ways.


  1. Maintains close coordination with all department to insure continuity and collaboration of services.
  2. Works collaboratively with physicians to assure that standards for excellence in medicine and patient care are met, patients and employees are treated fairly and with respect, and that physician needs are met in a positive and responsive fashion. Establishes effective relationships with the medical staff.
  3. Works with the Medical Staff to plan and implement services which meet the community’s health care needs. Actively participates in Medical Staff Committees including Medical Executive Committee, by contributing expertise and providing administrative support and assistance.
  4. Incorporates customer feedback into strategic planning for services.
  5. Demonstrates a passion for excellence and a commitment to quality and is proactive in dealing with department problems.
  6. Implements corrective action plans in a timely manner on areas assessed to be out of compliance.
  7. Interacts in a professional, honest, fair, and respectful manner when presenting information and responding to questions from managers, employees, vendors, customers, and the general public.
  8. Insures that cordial relationships are maintained with patients, their families and friends, clergy, and other interested groups

in the community. Interprets the goals of the Nursing/Patient Care Services areas to the community by maintaining

harmonious and effective relationships with the education system, volunteer groups, agencies, and the community.

  1. Handles customer complaints in a discreet and professional manner and maintains confidentiality in patient interactions.
  2. Understands the hospital, Board of Trustees, medical staff, employees and the community at large are our customers and they must be satisfied with our performance.
  3. Prepares reports for and attends meetings with the hospital CEO, realizing that the focal point of policy-making is the hospital Board of Trustees.
  4. Seeks to educate the board on operational matters.
  5. Participates in administrative decision making and provides appropriate input to meet the objectives of the organization in consultation with leaders from the governing body, management, medical staff, and employees.
  6. Provides ongoing effective leadership to insure that RLMC continues to adapt, evolve, and grow to accommodate changes in the healthcare environment.
  7. Maintains professional attitude when discussing patients, physicians, employees, guests, and hospital related information, therefore producing a productive climate.
  8. Maintains community affiliations to support and promote a positive image of RLMC in the community.


  1. Assists in the coordination of performance improvement activities within the entire organization including providing leadership directing in meeting regulatory requirements.
  2. Acts as a liaison between Nursing, Lab, Radiology, other departments, Medical Staff, Board of Directors, and visitors to ensure prompt and appropriate resolution of problems.
  3. Maintains continuing quality assessment and improvement analysis and evaluation of patient care delivery and communicates with Administration on the activities/issues of Nursing/Patient Care Services.
  4. Works cooperatively with the Medical Staff and hospital personnel to insure that the highest quality of health service is being provided to patients.
  5. Knows and practices the prescribed philosophy, purpose, policies, and standards of Nursing/Patient Care Services.
  6. Organizes, directs, and administers the Nursing/Patient Care Services in order to provide the level of care required by current medical and nursing standards.
  7. Maintains professional affiliations and enhances professional growth and development.
  8. Understands and adheres to RLMC compliance and HIPAA standards as they appear in the Corporate Compliance Policy, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy.


  1. Promotes programs and services that are patient centric and delivered in a value- based and market competitive manner, simultaneously employing economy while maintaining the highest level of quality care.
  2. Plans and coordinates with the CFO, utilizing the respective Nursing Leadership members for planning the budgeting requirements for personnel, supplies, and equipment.
  3. Works with the CEO, CFO and the Board to assure Financing and Accounting integrity essential to the continuing growth and financial stability of the service lines & organization.
  4. Responsible for cost controls to insure maximum effectiveness of funds expended from the approved departmental budgets.
  5. Displays leadership in financial management from conceptual strategies through recommending policy, executing fiscal procedures for control and effective utilization of physical and financial resources of the hospital.
  6. Educates staff about financial issues that impact the department.
  7. Ensures effective, efficient and economical patient care outcomes. Lead initiatives to continually assess productivity and throughout to optimize resources.
  8. Serves as a resource for managers/supervisors to develop appropriate budgets and monitor them accordingly and provides oversight to managers/supervisors to enhance adherence to approved budgets.
  9. Analyzes possible new or adjusted services and programs and conducts financial analysis of the service or program.
  10. Continuously reviews productivity and efficiency of staff and implement changes where necessary.
  11. Assumes responsibility for coordinating the capital and operating budgets for the Departments that report to him/her and initiates appropriate action in response to variances.


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