Who is on Your Team? Building the Best Talent Acquisition Team


MN SHRM Conference: Building The Best Talent Acquisition Team

Last week, I attended the MN State SHRM Conference with a few of my colleagues.  As always, it was a fun experience to see what a remarkable job the volunteers did to pull off this annual HR event. High energy filled the atmosphere, from the young students navigating their careers, to the seasoned veterans updating their tool kits, everyone was engaged and excited to be there.

One of my favorite sessions was Tiffany Kuehl’s presentation on Talent Acquisition, specifically the advantages of partnering with a recruitment firm versus using your own talent acquisition team. Tiffany pointed out a variety of advantages for both options, but when she posed the question: WHO IS YOUR TEAM? This brought a healthy discussion around what actually goes into a day in the life of an HR team the purpose of identifying and hiring qualified professionals. In the best situation here is what your ideal TA team would consist of:

4 Ideal TA Team Positions

  1. TA Leader – Focusing on strategy and changing business needs
  2. TA Manager – Ensuring processes are in place
  3. TA Sourcer – Concentrating on building pipelines and meaningful connections
  4. TA Assistant – Completing scheduling, enhancing candidate experience, etc.

When you breakdown the responsibilities of each of these positions, there are strong advantages to this type of team build. Here’s what each person is expected to accomplish to help the entire team reach their goals.

  • Leader / Strategy: Partnering with leadership on how to accomplish the overall goals of the organization, succession planning with comfort and growth of areas as it relates to current and new talent.
  • Manager / Processes:  Someone who can help communicate day-to-day recruitment challenges and needs. They are able to work collaboratively and motivate the team on a daily basis.
  • Sourcer / Connections:  Dedicated to building pipelines, keeping candidates warm and identifying who is out there for when you need specific talent and skill sets.
  • Assistant / Organizer: Individual who can keep the trains moving on time so you don’t lose candidates in the hiring process.  Able to multitask and is responsible for scheduling, back ground checks, on-boarding and much more.

HR professionals wear many hats.  When it comes to recruiting, a myriad of challenges come into play. From tight talent pools and push back from hiring leaders, to slow processes and active candidates, the list goes on and on.  Being deliberate about your team and culture can truly go a long way towards overcoming these encounters. Whether that talent is found within your current in-house team or with a trusted partner, the overall process is crucial when it comes to securing the talent you want and need for success.

Understandably, it’s not realistic that all organizations can afford this size team. For these companies, think about what you can do to build solid pipelines, ensure a seamless and positive candidate experience and hire in a timely manner. Locking down these procedures can make all the difference in building the success of your business.


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