People do more than just fill an open position.

People invent, propel, unearth, and build. They transform teams, markets, industries, and bottom lines to help you realize greater potential.
Let’s find your people together.

Our Service Areas

Interim Solutions

Build your human capacity one project-based hire at a time. More than a temporary solution, our interim, contract, and consulting services create a lasting advantage across your teams, departments, and entire organization.

Direct Hire

People are more than employees, just like a transformational permanent placement is more than your average team member. We eliminate the “full-time work” of sourcing and place the right people who can multiply your success.

Executive Leadership Search

Win the future by building an expert team of C-Suite executives. You gain access to our exclusive network of leadership candidates who can influence change, drive success, and make your vision a reality.


We build capacity across your business.

Like you, we know it’s a system. It’s all connected. That’s why we specialize in recruiting across key departments in your organization.


Our experts work with clients in many industries. Like you, we’ve been there.


Meet Your Human Advantage Builders.


Pursue people, not resumes.
Each candidate versatile and unique.

Only Versique candidates go through our proven Talent Activation Process (TAP). They arrive more qualified, motivated by your unique opportunity, and prepared to make a bigger impact on your business. You realize higher performance, higher retention, and greater business capacity with every hire. 

Real People. Real Stories.
Kristin Gaarder
CHRO, Calabrio

“Through difficult to fill positions and challenging timelines, Versique was able to provide candidates regularly and followed up appropriately to ensure the process moved forward quickly.”

Eric Lindquist
COO, RELiON Battery

“I have worked with many recruiters over the course of my career and, I can say, NONE have matched Steve’s level of professionalism and thoroughness.”

Greg Meadows
Chief Executive Officer, United Skin Specialists, LLC

“Matt and his team placed two executives within seven months with United Skin Specialists, LLC. Matt’s process was very structured, methodical and efficient. We immediately established the proper qualifications, experience and personal qualifications for the job. The process moved quickly and efficiently.”

William Taylor
VP of Marketing, Dodge Data & Analytics

“Wesley is a highly effective recruiter of marketing professionals because of his deep knowledge of marketing and his dedication to understand the nuances of the positions for which he recruits. Every job I asked him to recruit for was filled by one of his candidates.”


We work inside to be a resource, for human resources.

Whether it’s adding capacity, partnering on executive search, or creating efficiencies for hiring managers, we connect you with highly qualified talent.

People make it possible.

People are more than their education. They’re more than past experience. They do more than meet salary requirements. People invent, propel, unearth and build. They transform teams, markets, industries, and bottom lines to take you from good to great, zero to one, in months versus years. People open greater potential—potential that can’t be reached by relying on a resume alone. We’re here to help fill your human potential and build your human capacity. Let’s find your people together. Let’s make the best possible.

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