Become a Social Media Guru, While Running a Business!

Social media seems to be a daily part of life. Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn… the options are endless. And with a majority of people choosing to go online to socialize, it’s important to recognize where your business fits into the mix. Balancing your time between running your business and interacting with customers on social media may seem like an impossible task, but thankfully it’s not.

The first important step to take is to evaluate what social platforms are appropriate for your business. Maybe your business isn’t suited for a certain platform. You can identify this by recognizing the interactions that take place naturally in your business and seeing where your customers are online. Once you know where to be, it’s easier to learn how to manage the communication.

There are many helpful tools, such as HootSuite that allows you to schedule posts and monitor several platforms from one site. With these tools and a strategy, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a guru.

Learn how to generate a strategy based on your audience, content, and frequency of posts with the rest of my guide on Deluxe’s blog.

What has been successful for you business on social media? Tell us in the comments below!

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Photo Credit: CC, Flickr, Creative Commons, Jason Howie Instagram and other social media